We are creating awareness against the evil corporation that are doing illegal activities towards the nature. APE Malaysia is our friend in this journey. Together we are strong!


By activating a Sang Rimba, you’ll grow a tree in the real world and the blockchain.

The tree in REALWORLD

The tree in BLOCKCHAIN





Your trees will be planted in the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo as part of our ongoing reforestation project to restore and reconnect forest corridors for the wildlife.


Your trees will be planted by the local community from the village. They are employed by APE Malaysia as field staff to work on our reforestation sites.


All trees will be maintained by our field staff to ensure maximum survivability.


All contributors will receive an e-certificate with the GPS coordinates and a photograph of the planted tree.

We will be planting trees that are native to the area and fruiting trees to provide ample food resources for the wildlife in the corridors.

Tree species planted:

  • Simpoh Laki (Dillenia excelsa)
  • Simpoh Gajah (Dillenia reticulata)
  • Bayor (Pterospermum elongatum)
  • Fig (Ficus sp)
  • Bangkal (Neonauclea subdita)
  • Lamba (Colona seratifolia)
  • Obah (Eugenia sp)
  • Obah Jangkang (Eugenia cerassiformis)
  • Ketapang (Terminalia catappa)
  • Kulimpapa (Vitex sp)
  • Tarap (Artocarpus sp)
  • Binuang (Octomeles sumatrana)
  • Obah Nasi (Glochidion sp)
  • Kayu Malam (Diospyros sp)
  • Laran (Neolarmackia cadamba)
  • Rambutan (Nephelium sp)
  • Nangka (Artocarpus sp)
  • Selangan Batu (Shorea sp)
  • Kerodong (Microcos sp)
  • Sengkuang (Dracontomelon)
  • Mengkupa (Psidium sp)
  • Kayu Terimah (Trema orientalis)
  • Salungapid (Mollotus muticus)
  • Seraya (Dipterocarpaceae)
  • Laran (Anthocephalus chinensis)
  • Apid Apid (Exoecaria indica)
  • Keranji (Dialium indum)
  • Talisai Paya (Terminalia copelandii)
  • Lokon (Croton oblongus)